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Our high quality applications helped startups to get funds from IBM, Venture Capitals or European Union



Mobile support for international banks


We worked with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Trevica and uPaid

Augmented Reality

We have integrated AR to our mobile applications using OpenCV


We have worked with the biggest companies from energy sector from Central Europe

How do we work?

In the initial phase of the development process, in collaboration with you we create the perfect concept for your app. Through communication, focus on specification of requirements, creative ideas contribution, wireframing and prototyping we build up the concept for an app that will meet your needs and add value to your business.


After we have completed the concept development and found a solution, that lives up to your expectations and that we can vouch for, we move on to the design phase. This is the time we create the most beautiful UI that follows current mobile trends. We design user experience that on the first use, user will feel like they knew the App for several years. When this stage is completed and you have given us your accept, our developers start bringing everything to life.


After approximately 6-8 weeks, the developers will have produced an app that is ready for testing. There will always appear small "bugs" when you move from the safe universe of the developers office to real use of the app, so for around two weeks you as well as us will test all possible use cases to make sure we find all the bugs that might be there.


At this point in the process, the time has come to launch your brand new app. This is a big day for you as well as for us when we finally can send the app out into the open digital sea. We will gladly help you out with the marketing of your app and send you statistics of the use of the app, if this is something you’re interested in.


Don’t worry. We won’t just let you go and leave you all by yourself with your new app. After a while, when the app has had some time on the app market, we will call you and ask you how things are going and if you have any updates or new features you would like us to take care of.


Michał Walędziak

About us

Appocalypse is an app development company providing high quality mobile apps, games and corporate solutions.

Our app development team consists of highly experienced mobile software programmers who work with Android, iOS, BlackBerry10, Windows Phone, J2ME etc. In their work our each member of our app development team always strives to deliver applications that are not only highly functional but ones that combine the functionality, simplicity and outstanding design.

All of our applications apart from the functionalities are to provide full client satisfaction. Without achieving the goals outlined by our clients we do not consider an application as complete. With more than 8 years of experience on the app development market and a portfolio of completed projects we provide our clients with the highest quality of mobile programming services available on the market.